Most talked about K-pop boy, girl groups for June?
Idol groups (clockwise from top left) BTS, Seventeen, TWICE and Lovelyz Official Twitter accounts

Korean boy band BTS and girl band TWICE lorded it over again as the most talked about idol groups for June 2017. The Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation released two separate rankings covering boy and girl groups' brand reputation.

For the girl groups, the institute analyzed 75.48 million pieces of big data from May 8 to June 9 while it processed 81.52 million for boy bands from May 9 to June 10 based participation, communication, media, community and audience values.

BTS and TWICE have again topped the rankings for eight straight months, solidifying their status as the most talked about K-pop groups in Korea.

In the boy band category, BTS scored total points of 13.38 million points, an increase by 39.5 percent from their last month's score of 9.59 million.

According to the institute, BTS' participation and win at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards helped as it attracted the attention of Korean and international fans.

Seventeen grabbed second place with 8.22 million points from 2.97 million in May while EXO placed third with 6.64 million, an increase of 22.49 percent from 5.42 million last month.

Boy bands ranking fourth to 30th places are SECHS KIES, VIXX, SHINee, WINNER, Highlight, ASTRO, BTOB, Infinite, Super Junior, NCT, NU'EST, Big Bang, FT Island, SF9, JYJ, B1A4, . VROMANCE, Block B, Snuper, GOT7, Shinhwa, BEAST, Monsta X, NCT Dream, VARSITY, iKON and 2PM.

For girl groups, TWICE scored 12.9 million from 8 million in May or an increase of 59.89 percent.

According to the institute, TWICE ranked No. 1 for eight consecutive months for placing in the music charts and winning 10 trophies on Korean TV music shows.

"As a result of the brand reputation analysis of the Girls Group in June, 2017, Twice was ranked # 1 in the group's brand reputation for the eighth consecutive month since November last year, (Signal), and recorded a leading brand reputation index, taking the top 10 in music charts and music broadcasts. "

Lovelyz came in second with 9.25 million while Red Velvet finished third with 5.91 million.

The fourth to 20th places went to Cosmic Girls, APink, Mamamoo, APRIL, Girls' Generation, Oh My Girl, GFriend, T-ara, Pristin, AOA, Laboum, Momoland, Black Pink, Stellar, Girl's Day, EXID, WANNA.B.