Fleeing felons: 3 bears run from the law as cop chases them in California

Three bears looking for a snack outside a Taco Bell in California fled the scene after being caught on camera by a deputy with the Placer County Sheriffs Office. The video shared by Deputy Don Nevins shows him patrolling the Lighthouse Shopping Center in Tahoe City on 20 November night when he comes across the bears. Two bears can be seen running towards a third bear that was trying to get into a trash can. 19 hours ago

Adorable police dog does push-ups with officers as Eye of the Tiger plays

Footage of an Alabama police dog, named K9 Nitro, doing pushups with two officers from the Gulf Shores Department has become the latest sensation on the internet.The 2-year-old Dutch shepherd joined the workout session with Officers Cowan and Hancock as the song Eye of the Tiger plays in the background. 17 hours ago

Fox hunter seen whipping activist with riding crop

Footage has emerged of a fox hunter whipping a protester with a riding crop. The activists, called the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, intervened during the hunt and successfully prevented any foxes from being killed. 2 days ago

Plane engine catches fire at Seatle-Tacoma Airport

Passengers at Seattle- Tacoma airport captured a plane on fire on the run way on 7 November.Seattle airport confirmed there had been a fire but there were no passengers on board and no crew had been injured. 15 days ago

Tourists stage swimming race through flooded street

Tourists have used the flooded streets of Hue in Vietnam to stage a swimming race. The race, taking place outside the hostel the contestants are staying in, was to win a free night of accommodation. 16 days ago

British man flies over South Africa using only a chair tied to helium balloons

A British adventurer, who was reportedly inspired by the movie Up, strapped himself to a chair with 100 helium balloons and took flight over South Africa this week. He is part of The Adventurists, a group which said its mission is fighting to make the world less boring.It was a fairly indescribable feeling, wafting across Africa on a cheap camping chair dangling from a load of balloons, said Tom Morgan, 38. 28 days ago

No obvious heir for Chinese president as Xi Jinping unveils new leadership

A day after the conclusion of the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress, the party unveiled the list of members of its newly-formed Politburo Standing Committee on Oct. 25 at Beijings Great Hall of the People. The committee will comprise seven members, including President Xi Jinping, who was elected the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee for a second term on Tuesday. The seven-man line-up will be the first time no Standing Committee member will have been born before the 1949 Communist revolution. 29 days ago