Car narrowly avoids deadly collision with train in Poland

CCTV footage shows a railway crossing incident that could have ended a lot worse. With less than a second to spare a car in Koszalin, Poland crashed through the railway barriers and narrowly avoids a full collision with an approaching train. 10 days ago

Giant inflatable Trump chicken stares down the White House

An inflatable chicken popped up outside the grounds of the White House on 9 August. The chicken, named Don, sported a shock of golden hair, styled in a manner similar to U.S. President Donald Trumps. Taran Singh Brar, a resident of Orange County, California, said he was using the inflatable to bring awareness to how bad and destabilizing our leader is. 10 days ago

US border agents caught encouraging teenager to drink liquid meth before his death

CCTV footage shows US border officers encouraging a teenager to drink liquid meth. Cruz Velazquez died two hours after being interrogated to the two officers at a border crossing from Mexico. The footage shows the officers making drinking gestures to Velazquez. The officers should have carried out instant substance tests if they suspected the teen to carry illegal substances. His family has launched a lawsuit against the two officers. 21 days ago

Musician plays guitar during his own brain surgery

Abhishek Prasad was filmed strumming on his guitar while undergoing a seven hour operation on his brain in Bengaluru, India on 20 July. Prasad suffered from involuntary spasms in his hand, a condition known as musicians dystonia. The doctor then asked him to play his guitar during surgery as a way of helping the surgeon identify problem areas. Prasad confirmed that the surgery was successful, and now even plans to release his first album next year. Jul 21, 2017

Is this New Yorks dirtiest apartment?

Manhattan superintendent Martin Fernandez posted a video of an epic apartment cleanup on YouTube. Thousands of cockroaches were crawling through the rooms and Fernandez even found the corpse of a dead cat. According to the superintendent, the former tenant began hording stuff two years ago. He was evicted out of the apartment after a one-year court battle. Fernandez said the smell in the apartment was so foul it came through his face mask. Jul 16, 2017

Watch this adorable baby elephant slide down a slope for fun

Yang Niu the baby elephant was caught on video Thursday (June 29) sliding down a muddy hill.The footage was caught by her keeper from the Asian elephant breeding and rescue centre in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, located in southwest Chinas Yunnan Province.Yang Niu was sent to the breeding centre two years ago when villagers found her abandoned and injured in the wild. Jul 3, 2017