UEE and Kangnam are dating UEE's official Facebook page

UEE and Kangnam are dating, it has been confirmed. The two got close after working together on the variety show, Laws of the Jungle.

Once the dating news broke out, UEE took to her personal Instagram account, and wrote, "Filming! I'm truly flustered by the sudden phone call~!! It's true that I became close with Kangnam oppa through 'Jungle' and got together with him for meals, and we all met up comfortably too~ But if you just assume that as dating,, it makes me sad ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Everyone!! If I actually find a romantic partner, I will let you know!! Right now, I'm working hard!!!"

However, she later posted an apology, and admitted she was not expecting the news to go viral. She wrote: "Through this opportunity, we have had a chance to reaffirm our feelings for one another and will continue to meet happily...Thank you and, again, I apologize [for the confusion]."

Meanwhile, UEE's agency Yeoreum Entertainment stated: "[UEE and Kangnam] just recently began dating with romantic feelings and are in the beginning stages, so we are beign careful with the sudden reports. To be considerate of the other side, we denied the rumors at first, but after discussing the matter with both sides, we've decided to come forward with it."

Kangnam's label also talked about their relationship. The label said: "It's true that [Kangnam] is dating UEE. We gave no comments previously to be considerate of the other side."