NHS cyberattack: What you need to know

As many as 45 NHS facilities were hit by a ransomware cyberattack on 12 May. The computer virus locked patient files, leaving healthcare services unable to treat many people.The Wanna Decryptor malware demanded $300 to unlock each computer. The virus may have exploited a Microsoft Windows flaw. Computers in up to 100 countries have been affected.It is unclear who is responsible, but the attack is believed to be criminal in nature, and not connected to a state actor. 12 days ago

Police dog takes bullet for partner in Florida robbery

A police dog was injured after taking a bullet for his partner in Jupiter, Florida, on Friday, 12 May. Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office said K9 Casper was shot during a robbery and shooting on Friday morning. The suspect, Philip OShea, 46, was shot and killed. 9 days ago