Former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls rescued after waterfall accident

British actor Paul Nicholls has been rescued from a remote jungle waterfall on Thailands holiday island of Koh Samui after falling into a rock pool during a solo hike. The 38-year-old man, best known for acting in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, spent three days lying below the Khun Si waterfall with a broken leg before he was found on 13 July. 1 day ago

Dr Who: Fans divided over first female Time Lord Jodie Whittaker

The BBC announced on Sunday (16 July) that the 13th person to play the time-travelling alien in the hit sci-fi series Dr Who was to be a woman. The announcement left fans divided on social media, with some delighted with the decision to cast a woman in the previously all-male role, whilst others aired the grievances over the move. 4 days ago