Hong Kong actor Zong Yao Wang has apologised for his inconsiderate remarks about T.O.P after facing backlash from netizens.

Allkpop noted that following news reports of the rapper's hospitalisation due to drug overdose, Yao Zang wrote on his Instagram, "T.O.P collapsed because he didn't smoke," obviously referring to his marijuana use.

Some netizens pointed out to Zong Yao Zang, "He wasn't hospitalized because of marijuana."

Replying to many such posts the actor said, "I think my past remark was too much. I'm apologetic to the people I've heard. I'm sorry I left a message like that in a public forum."

Meanwhile, it was a huge relief for T.O.P's fans and especially his mother and family that he was able to finally recover from his semiconscious state. He is shifted to a different hospital with a private room, as requested by his mother and his treatment will continue there. It was also learned that T.O.P was dismissed from military and can go home to face trial for smoking illegal drugs.

As reported by Koreaboo, T.O.P has been officially released from the military and allowed to return home after he checks out from the hospital where he was transferred on June 9.

"Since we have received an arraignment notice for T.O.P, he will be released from his position and return home," an official statement by military officials from the rapper's assigned police department stated.

As per the arraignment notice sent to the 42nd division of the 4th squad, T.O.P's case has been set for June 29, at the Seoul Central Court. The rapper and actor will have to appear and officially state if he admits to his guilt or not.

As per Allkpop, if the rapper is sentenced to over a full year and six months of imprisonment, he will not be able to serve the army anymore. If the duration of the sentence is less, there will be a re-evaluation of T.O.P to determine if he is at all fit to serve in the military again. If fit, he will have to finish the remaining duration of his social service.