Trump defends Roy Moore: He totally denies It

President Donald Trump defended embattled US Senate candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday (21 November), saying the Alabama Republican had denied allegations of sexual misconduct and emphasized that he did not want Moores Democratic opponent to win.Trump has previously said that Moore should step aside if the allegations were true. 1 day ago

Facebook makes money-chasing easy, says study

Money minded people are believed to have significantly more buddies on Facebook compared to less money-oriented people who put less interest in possessions and other materialistic things. 17 hours ago

Protesters burn effigies of Donald Trump and Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte

Protesters set a swastika-style effigy of Donald Trump on fire during the second consecutive day of protests against the US president. Hundreds of people protested Trump in the Philippines, the fifth and final leg of his Asia tour, where he was attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit.  10 days ago

Theresa May accuses Putin of election meddling: We know what you are doing

In her most strident criticism of Russia yet, Theresa May has said that Moscow meddles in elections and is guilty of propagating fake news stories to harm the west. In the prime ministers annual speech in Londons Guildhall on 13 November, May said Russia liked to weaponise information as it sought to sow division in the west. 9 days ago

The NHS are looking for more black blood donors

Give Blood NHS are in need of more black blood donors because black people are 10 times more likely than white people to have a rare subgroup blood type called Ro. Video shows why one donor, Donna, is giving blood.  16 days ago

Celebrities in Hollywood react to Texas church shooting

Celebrities on their way into the Hollywood Film Awards reacted on November 5 to the news that at least 26 people had been killed in a church in Texas. The massacre came just weeks after a sniper killed 58 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The shootings have stirred a years-long national debate over whether easy access to firearms was contributing to the trend. 17 days ago