James Comey accuses Donald Trump administration of defaming him and telling lies

Former FBI Director James Comey on 8 June accused the Trump administration of defaming him and telling lies about the agency. Howerver Comey, who was fired by Donald Trump, but declined to offer his opinion on whether President Donald Trump sought to obstruct justice by asking him to drop an investigation into the former national security advisor. 14 days ago

How the Stonewall riot birthed LGBT Pride

LGBT Pride Month is celebrated in June in honor of the 1969 Stonewall Riot. President Clinton declared June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month in 2000. This became LGBT Pride Month under President Obama in 2009. 19 days ago

Donald Trump finally meets his hand shake match In Emmanuel Macron

Its well-documented at this point that President Donald Trump plays an odd game of dominance when he shakes hands—he contorts, jostles and pulls the person hes greeting to make sure hes in charge of the shake. But newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron seems to have studied the American president and was prepared for Trumps odd handshake tactics Thursday when the two met in Brussels. 23 days ago

Ivanka Trump at Twitter forum: Young Muslims can build a future of tolerance, hope and peace

Ivanka Trump stepped in for her father on Sunday (21 May) as host for a Twitter forum for young people in Saudi Arabia where she spoke about the power of social media and its ability to promote peace. Speaking to a crowd of about 400 people, she said: Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. It empowers the people, particularly the next generation. Your generation. May 22, 2017

The moment a young Mark Zuckerberg realises he has been accepted to Harvard

Mark Zuckerberg released video on 18 May of the moment he learned of his acceptance into Harvard University, where he later developed and founded Facebook. Zuckerberg said he released the video, filmed by his dad, ahead of his return to Harvard to receive his honorary degree. In the footage, he is seen in his bedroom opening an email from Harvard while dressed in his pyjamas.Yay, I got accepted, a teenage Zuckerberg says softly, before his father Edward Zuckerberg begins cheering.In the comments section on the Facebook post Zuckerberg provided some insight into the video.Before I went to college, my mom bet me Id drop out and my younger sister bet me shed finish college before me. I bet them Id get a degree. Now I suppose the cycle is complete, he wrote. May 19, 2017