Donald Trump on Chuck Schumer: He doesnt seem like a serious person

While meeting with the World Series-winning Chicago Cubs at the White House, President Trump was asked by reporter if he would accept Senator Chuck Schumers request to meet with the entire Senate chamber to craft a bipartisan healthcare bill. President Trump said he just doesnt seem like a serious person. Despite a major setback in the US Senate with the postponed vote,Trump said that the Republican healthcare bill was moving along well and predicted a big surprise was yet to come. 23 days ago

Girl dropping McDonalds takeaway breaks the internets heart

This video might be almost physically painful for food lovers and McDonalds fans might want to look away now. Uploaded to Twitter, the viral video shows high school student Delaney Cooper tripping over a set of steps while carrying a cup of soda and a McDonalds bag. As a result, much of her food goes flying and according to Cooper, only her hamburger could be salvaged; a loss the Twittersphere immediately began mourning. 29 days ago

James Comey accuses Donald Trump administration of defaming him and telling lies

Former FBI Director James Comey on 8 June accused the Trump administration of defaming him and telling lies about the agency. Howerver Comey, who was fired by Donald Trump, but declined to offer his opinion on whether President Donald Trump sought to obstruct justice by asking him to drop an investigation into the former national security advisor. Jun 9, 2017