A man walks past a Singapore Airlines signage at Changi Airport in Singapore

Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced in a press release on Wednesday, October 11, their efforts to enhance sustainability practices in its in-flight food and beverage menus.

Their new initiative "From Farm to Plane" was introduced to help support local farmers, their communities and encourage environmental sustainability.

The airline works with a variety of partners both overseas and in Singapore as well, to source these ingredients.

The flag carrier airline plans on implementing the new menu to Suites' customers on selected routes, starting later this year.

In time, the menu will be available to a broader set of customers travelling in other classes.The new menus will initially be introduced to Suites' customers on selected routes from later 2017 and will progressively be made available to customers travelling in other classes.

Singapore Airlines will now be using fish from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and fruits and vegetables from local farms in countries the Airline serves.

"While we continue to deliver a quality in-flight dining experience, we would also like our customers to know that we are playing our part in ensuring sustainability," said Marvin Tan, Singapore Airlines' Senior Vice President Product & Services.

The enhanced sustainability plan for Singapore Airlines' food & beverage offerings was unveiled today at its World Gourmet Forum in Singapore, organised in collaboration with Kranji Countryside Association.

The Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) is a non-profit organisation that promotes local agriculture, and it's security and sustainability

KCA's goal is to shed light on the importance of agriculture to every country and works with both public and private partners to maintain one percent of Singapore's land area for growing food, in secure and sustainable environments.

It was founded in 2005 with ten members and has now grown to 48 members with the commitment of building Singapore's agricultural industry.

They also have a youth wing, to encourage the younger generations of farmers to participate in this development, so they can become future leaders in the field of agriculture.