Seo Jun Young and Gyuri
Seo Jun Young and Gyuri will be seen together in the film, How to break up with my cat Instagram/gyuri_88

South Korean actor Seo Jun Young has opened up about his kiss scenes with Park Gyuri. The duo starred together in the film, How to break up with my cat.

During a press conference for the movie, the cast and crew shared their thoughts on the intimate scene which did not go as expected. Jun Young said: "I drank during filming on an empty stomach, so I got drunk. Later, when I saw what was shot, it looked dirty. I got Gyuri's consent to film it again while sober, so we did. However, I got nervous when filming later, so it was done messily."

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Lee Young Ran added: "During one of their very first shoots, Seo Jun Young and Gyuri kissed. But Seo Jun Young was too aggressive with it. The kiss was almost like sexual assault. He was asked whether he always acts like that when he drinks and was told to shoot it again."

Director Jo Sung Gyu added: "Seo Jun Young's kiss was too aggressive, so the kiss scene was shot again."

Gyuri, a member of now-disbanded girl group KARA, has shared constant updates about the movie on her social media accounts. How to break up with my cat is set to hit theaters on 3 November.