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The "Umbrella" single hitmaker and Barbados beauty, who took the world by storm with an impromptu performance for vacationing New York city music producers Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken in 2003 which helped jump start 15-year-old Rihanna's multifaceted career.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is not just not a pretty face but also an executive producer, fashion designer, actress, astute business entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Whether it's establishing a global community for education, her already sold out latest Fenty "make up" range or a new song are some things which has kept her fans grooving.

This wonder woman has all the talents of a well rounded and successful individual who took her fame and used it for the greater good. IBTimes Singapore brings you 5 interesting facts that might just surprise you.

Early Life

As a young girl, Rihanna sold clothes out of a street stall with her father who struggled with an addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol. In her youth, Rihanna also suffered her own issues which included debilitating migraines, which required her to have several CT scans. When she was 14, her parents put an end to their strained marriage and her health improved afterward.

She was an army cadet in a sub-military program

She made her her on-screen debut as a Navy weapons expert in Peter Berg's "Battleship", but the singer had some real hands on experience as she was an army cadet in a sub-military program in her native Barbados. To make thing's more interesting, singer-songwriter Shontelle was even her drill sergeant who got a chance to order Rihanna around.

Million Dollar Legs

In 2007, Gillette insured Rihanna's legs for $1 million. "They named me this year's Celebrity Legs of a Goddess, so along with the title comes an insurance for your legs of a million dollars," she has told the guardian. "But I think I'm just normal. I think, 'Do people really insure their legs for a million dollars?' If it was my million dollars, I'd probably walk about in pants all day long."

Beauty Queen of only 15

Despite her tomboyish ways, there was no denying of Rihanna's beauty and at 15 she won her high school beauty pageant. She was named Miss Combermere at Combermere High School and performed Mariah Carey's "Hero" for her talent portion.

Relationship With Her Father

Over the years, Rihanna has had a difficult relationship with her dad Ronald because of his history of drug and alcohol abuse. In 2014 she had another falling out with him after he was kicked out of her Diamond Ball because he drank too much. Since becoming famous Rihanna has paid to send her dad to the most expensive rehab treatment centers, and although he has said he wants to quit drinking in hopes of honoring his daughter, it is proving to be very difficult for him.