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Red Velvet (top) and Girls' Generation Twitter

SM Entertainment artists Red Velvet and Girls' Generation bagged the top two places in the latest brand reputation index for Korean girl groups.

According to the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation, it analyzed 65.24 million pieces of big data from July 10 to Aug. 11 based on participation, media, communication and community values.

Red Velvet got first place in August with a score of 7.96 million, rising from tenth place in July that got them a score of 3.24 million, or an increase of 145.19 percent.

The institute said Red Velvet got first place as the group released their mini album "The Red Summer" which carried the title track "Red Flavor" that topped charts. The group was linked to keywords such as "red" and "pretty" and had a positive rate analysis of 71.93 percent.

Comebacking group Girls' Generation rose from 11th place in July to nab second place with a score of 7.42 million, up by 163.47 percent from their last month's total of 2.81 million. They released their new album "Holiday Night."

JYP Entertainment's TWICE finished third with 6.09 million, the same spot they held last month, while YG Entertainment's Black Pink is fourth with 5.22 million followed by rookie group Weki Meki with 3.51 million.

Artists who placed sixth to 20th are:

6. GFriend - 3.42 million

7. Apink - 3.22 million

8. Lovelyz - 3.1 million

9. Mamamoo - 2.84 million

10. Rainbow - 2.55 million

11. Cosmic Girls - 2.36 million

12. 9MUSES - 2.27 million

13. Stellar - 2.06 million

14. DreamCatcher - 1.81 million

15. Girl's Day - 1.51 million

16. CLC - 1.44 million

17. Laboum - 1.43 million

18. WANNA.B - 1.34 million

19. T-ara - 1.28 million

20. AOA - 1.21 million