A nurse takes blood for a free HIV test during a HIV prevention campaign. Reuters

A lawmaker in the Philippines has expressed alarm that the Philippines registers 3,290 new cases of people living with HIV-AIDS this year and the victims of this disease are getting younger.

Congressman Harlin Neil Abayon appealed to all sectors concerned that something has to be done to address this terrifying development because of the 3,290 cases, 1,020 of them belong to individuals in 15-24 age category. He added that the government has to double time in its campaign to educate Filipino millennial before it is too late.

The lawmakers also appealed that the prevention of HIV-AIDS education campaign should be integrated in the Philippine's educator to students will also be aware of this alarming situation.

Aside from the schools, Abayon also proposed that the education campaign should not only be limited in schools but in the barangays to cater to the out of school youth and in youth related workplaces.

"We must train our teachers, health and social workers how to educate our youth to prevent the widespread of this disease, "Abayon added.

Abayon said that HIV transmissions are recorded highest in Metro Manila followed by neighboring provinces in the Northern Philippines followed by those regions in Central Philippines.

With this development, the government surprisingly noted that this year the Philippines found an average of 29 new HIV infections a day and if left unattended will become an epidemic.

International organizations such us UNICEF and UNFPA have established different campaign programs to support the Philippine government's effort to reduce the widespread of HIV-AIDS in the country.