Pretty lass Park Shin Hye has always associated herself with many philanthropic events. The actress has never shied away from lending a helping hand for the needy. Now, the actress is all set to host a Kimchi-sharing event to raise funds for the residents of the Pohang earthquake-affected area.

Shin Hye's agency Salt Entertainment revealed the news through a press statement. The release added that the Heirs actress will be participating in the Kimchi sharing event in Seoul on December 10. Titled 'Starlight Angel Project of Park Shin Hye 2017,' the event is held in association with KIA Motors. About 60 volunteers are expected to take part in the event and the kimchi made will be delivered to about 200 children and families affected by the earthquake in Pohang.

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In a press statement quoted by Joins, Salt Entertainment said, "I would like to thank Park Shin Hye and her fans for lending a helping hand for those suffering from the earthquake." The kimchi-making event is also a part of the Gimjang festival celebrated across Korea. Also known as kimjang, the event is a traditional process of preparation and preservation of kimchi, the spicy Korean pickled vegetable dish, during the wintertime. It is also listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2013.