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Korean boy band NU'EST W are thankful that they are receiving overwhelming love and support from fans since they have released a single in July 2016.

The boys are back with a new album titled "W, Here" that has six songs including "Where You At."

NU'EST debuted in 2012 but failed to reach popularity until members Minhyun, Baekho, Ren and JR joined the audition for the TV show "Produce 101" Season 2, in April 2016.

When they were on the show, their past songs became popular on music sites and the members were supported by the public.

Minhyun won on the show and is currently in boy band Wanna One, which will be in existence until December next year.

In the meantime, NU'EST W was formed, consisting of JR, Aaron, Baekho and Ren to continue the group's music while waiting for Minhyun's return.

During their album release on October 10, NU'EST W members talked about experiencing popularity nowadays.

"To be honest, what made us happier than personally feeling a change in our popularity was seeing how happy our parents are these days," JR said.

He added, "Every time we see how happy they are, we feel so grateful to the people who have shown their love for us. In a way, we worked on this album as a dedication to our parents and to those who love us, and we hope we can repay everyone with great music."

Ren was surprised to hear their songs everywhere.

"In the past, I rarely heard our music playing when I walked down the streets. But now, I can hear our music playing a lot, and it makes me really happy and proud," he explained.

"Where You At," the lead song on the new album, has topped four charts in South Korea including Melon.

According to Baekho, "Sometimes, I still can't believe that our older songs are charting these days, and it feels good to hear them in the streets. They're all songs that we created with the hopes that they would be received well, so we're happy to see them be loved."

The group hopes to win their first ever trophy in a music show.