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New macOS Sierra update causing lag and compatibility issues with Logitech mouse Logitech

Some users of Logitech mouse have been facing severe performance issues after installing the macOS Sierra update as there is a known compatibility problem between the new update and Logitech's Control Center app. The broken compatibility issue has reportedly resulted in sluggish response times while some customisable buttons become completely unresponsive following the new update.

It is ascertained that the Performance Mouse MX and the M705 Marathon Laser Mouse are the most affected among all the Logitech models while several reports confirm that the latest version of the Logitech Control Center app (v3.9.4) has known functionality issues with M705's forward and back buttons as well as its scrolling feature.

Logitech has officially acknowledged the known compatibility issue between the Control Center app and the latest macOS Sierra update. However, the company has not divulged any information about a possible bug-fix update for its broken Control Center app. There is no word on its release date either.

Here is what the company had to say in response to several user complaints about the compatibility issues with Logitech mouse while working on macOS Sierra:

Hello all!

Thank you for your feedback. Your comments will be transferred to the appropriate department.

As of right now, LCC is not available on Mac Sierra. And there is no release date known.
Once it is available, it will be posted.

Thank you all.

Meanwhile, here are the excerpts of the Logitech Mouse issues highlighted by one user on StackExchange, after installing the buggy macOS Sierra update on the computer:

"The scrolling behaviour is erratic because I'm actually assaulted by two issues:

"In native macOS applications, like Apple Calendar, there is an "inertia-ish" effect that slows down the scroll and introduces some sort of acceleration-like movement akin to the worst nightmares from Windows 10.

"In third-party applications, like Google Chrome, the scrolling is quite fast but not fluid; it's choppy and non-linear with sudden jumps and stops. Because of this, it feels like the computer is laggy when scrolling a page, but it's probably due to the way the software scrolls."