Despacito has just become the most streamed song ever

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankees Despacito is now the most streamed song of all time, accumulating more than 4.6 billion streams across all platforms. If a person has to listen to the song that many times consecutively, it would take 42,592 years. The original Spanish-language music video is also the fastest to reach 2 billion views on YouTube, doing so in just 154 days. Despacito, which means slowly in English, is known for its catchy tune and sexy lyrics. 2 days ago

Parents claim R Kelly is holding their daughters in an abusive cult

A BuzzFeed News report came out on 17 July, 2017 accusing R and amp;B singer R. Kelly of holding six women against their will - in what has been described as a cult. According to the report, parents of three young women accuse R. Kelly of predatory behavior towards their daughters, dictating every aspects of their lives. Three former members of the singers entourage back up these allegations, saying that Kelly decides what they eat, how they dress, when they sleep and how they engage in sexual encounters. The women also have their phones confiscated so they cant communicate with family and friends, and are punished if they break any of these rules. R. Kelly is the sweetest person you will ever want to meet, but Robert is the devil, a woman who used to live with him told BuzzFeed. Despite the claims, all women living there say theyre fine, and a couple go further to say they dont want to be bothered. Several of the womens parents have gone to the police to try to get their daughters back, but no arrests have been made - since theyre all of legal age and have claimed theyre not being held against their will. 4 days ago

TWICE acid attack row: JYP responds

A couple of days back, an Ilbe user threatened to attack TWICE member with hydrochloric acid for promoting their songs in Japan. 19 days ago

Adorable dancing dads rock out to Little Mix with their daughters

Neil Cooley took his daughter, Isla, to a Little Mix concert and shared a video on 26 June of the two of them rocking out to the music alongside Islas friend, Biz, and her father.The adorable video shows the little girls on their dads shoulders as the four of them face the stage and sing along to Little Mix. 23 days ago