Portugal wins Eurovision Song Contest for first time in 53 years

Portugal has won the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. It is the first time in Eurovision history the country has won. Singer Salvador Sobral received 785 points for his heartfelt ballad sung in Portuguese.Bulgaria came second with 615 points and Moldova came third with 374. UKs Lucie Jones came in at a respectable 15th place with 111 points. 13 days ago

17 mummies from Greco-Roman period discovered in Egypt

At least 17 mummies have been discovered in an ancient burial site in Egypt. The crypt lies eight meters below ground and was detected using radar. It contains sarcophagi, several baboon coffins and papyrus scrolls. The mummies are believed to be from the Greco-Roman period starting in 332 BC.Egypt hopes the discovery will spark a renewed interest in the country as a tourist destination. 13 days ago