Microsoft's new keyboard has the tech department rambling in noise as no one expected that a groundbreaking feature would hit the device. The Modern Keyboard as a fingerprint sensor for users to log into the device more safely and more conveniently.

Microsoft's newly-launched Modern Keyboard sports an integrated fingerprint scanner. A successor to the Surface Keyboard, this new keyboard looks pretty much similar, only that it has the new fingerprint scanner. In addition, Microsoft allows users to connect a cable to the device for a wired connection.

The keyboard has 2.4 gigahertz of frequency range enabling to stay connected to the computer system as far as 10 metres in an open air environment and up to 5 meters in a typical office setup. The device to be connected can support the Bluetooth 4.0 version. As to its power, the battery is rechargeable and can survive up to four months of use.

The fingerprint scanner is comfortably located on the second Windows key on the right side of the keyboard. This can be used now to sign in to Windows 10 or websites through Windows Hello. The Modern Keyboard only works for Windows 10 unlike what has been reported that it can support the latest versions of MacOS, iOS, and Android.

The keyboard is thin but strong as it is made of aluminium frame. Its elegant design enables users to experience a flawless typing experience.

The Modern Keyboard will soon be available for US$129.99. This is way pricier than the Surface Keyboard when it debuted for US$99. Microsoft offers free shipping and free return if the accessory is purchased by their website.