Irabu Bridge
Screen grab of Irabu Bridge from YouTube

A 32-year old man died from falling off a bridge in Okinawa, Japan right after proposing to his girlfriend on Monday. The police reports said that the man had been drinking when the incident happened, Japan Today reported.

According to the police, the man went on a drive with his girlfriend on the famous 3.5km-long Irabu Bridge, in Miyakojima when suddenly he parked the car at the side of the road, near the centre of the bridge at around 12.05 am.

Both of them exited the vehicle and subsequently the man proposed to his girlfriend, who accepted the proposal. But, happy occasion quickly turned tragic after the man fell off the 30m-high bridge. Fuji TV reported that the man had slipped off the bridge moments after the proposal.

The deceased's girlfriend immediately informed the police and the authorities had launched a search for the man.

The police said that the man's body was pulled out from the sea seven hours later and was taken to the hospital. But, he was confirmed dead at the hospital.