The release of the official iOS 11 is a new phase for many iPhone and iPad users. This means you can now download and install emulator apps like NDS4iOS to a whole new level.

NDS4iOS for iPhone and iPad devices are now bigger in size which is also available on major gaming consoles. Considering the popularity of Nintendo Switch today and the titles that come along with it, NDS4iOS could be one of the best options to relive the Nintendo DS experience on a mobile device.

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This emulator app is packed with games like Pokémon Black & White, Mario Kart DS, Final Fantasy IV and New Super Mario Bros, among others. More ROMs are expected to become available down the road.

NDS4iOS also comes with features autosave, frame skip, control settings, universal support, Dropbox Sync, overlay pixel grid, vibration and control position. With these, iOS 11 players have enough abilities to manipulate their phones and tablets like a Nintendo console.

How to install NDS4iOS on iOS 11 without jailbreak

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on you can install the NDS4iOS on your iOS 11 device:

Step 1: Download the NDS4iOS IPA file via this link.

Step 2: To sideload the IPA file onto your phone, you can either use Xcode or the Cydia Impactor tool. Mac users have the option to sideload it using Xcode 7 or Cydia Impactor. Windows users only have Cydia Impactor as an option.

Step 3: Go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management.

Step 4: Find the associated profile for NDS4iOS. Select the Trust option, then tap Trust again to confirm. Wait for the sideloading process to finish.

Step 5: Load the ROMs onto the app. To do this, go to iTunes, then select your device from the navigation bar. Go to the Apps section, then File Sharing. Select NDS4iOS. Drag and drop the file of each game onto the box under NDS4iOS Documents.

Step 6: Go back to Home screen. Launch the NDS4iOS app. Go to Menu > ROM List. Check the games you wish to play if they are on the list now.