Man marries iPhone in Las Vegas
Man marries iPhone in Las Vegas via YouTube

A guy named Aaron Chervenak has just married his iPhone on 20 May in Las Vegas aka Sin City to confess his love for the phone at a whole new level. In the age of technology and smartphones, nothing could seem more weird or stranger than marrying a device at a pre-organised wedding ceremony.

Chervenak has probably chosen the right place as Las Vegas is known for bigger crimes than just marrying a man-made gadget at a wedding ceremony. The guy is reportedly a completely sane person trying to convey the message to our gadget-obsessed society as more often than not these tiny devices do make or break a relationship in our lives.

As originally reported by KTNV, this marriage isn't legally recognised by the State of Nevada. Nevertheless, here is what Chervenak had to say defending his act of marrying a smartphone at a formally organised wedding ceremony:

"People are so connected to their phones and they live with them all the time," he said.

"They're with them 24 hours a day. They go to sleep with their cell phone. They wake up with their cell phone, sometimes it's the first thing that they check."

If you are still sceptical, check out the wedding ceremony in the video below:

Here is one hilarious response to the video from a typical smartphone user, Scott Curry:

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