Google has just wrapped up its 2017 Material Design Awards, and four software applications went home with recognition as the "best-in-class" designs in Google's software development landscape. Now on its third year, the Material Design Awards gives distinctions on Android, iOS and web apps in four different categories.

"We wanted to reach back out to the community to help us find the very best because there is so much excellent work being created," reads Google's statement. "After reviewing hundreds of submissions, we're proud to announce the winners."

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In the Brand Expressiveness category, Blinkist by Blink Labs bagged the award. Blinkist filters key insights of more than 2,000 best-selling nonfiction books into compact audio and text summaries.

In the Interaction Design category, Eventbrite Organizer by Eventbrite won. Eventbrite Organizer is a one-stop event management tool wherein it allows users to create and edit events, monitor real-time ticket sales, keep tabs on attendees and secure payments, among others.

In the Platform Adaptiveness category, NPR One by NPR placed on top. NPR One is a news and magazine tool wherein users can tune in to stories, shows and podcasts from NPR and local radio stations anytime, anywhere.

In the Innovation category, momondo by momondo hit the mark. Momondo is the tool to find, compare and book flights and hotels.

On the Google Play Store, these apps will be getting the trophy as a symbol for the award and recognition. On top of that, winning developers will also be joining the two-day SPAN Pittsburgh conference on 14-15 September.