Hoya Instagram

Hoya, former member of Korean boy band Infinite, has revealed the reason why he left the group to pursue his solo career.

Back in August, Woollim Entertainment surprised fans by announcing that he was quitting the idol group.

Hoya appeared on the TV show "Radio Star" on December 6 to promote his musical "Sandglass."

"It's been about one or two months. [After I left] I am currently with a new agency. I plan to pursue both acting and music," he said.

Hoya explained that he left Infinite because his goals and the company's goals were different so when his contract expired in June, he decided not to renew it.

"Even before it happened, we had a lot of discussion about it, so they all knew about it. The things that I wanted to do and what the company wanted to do were different, and the contract expiring happened to be around the same time, so I left," he said.

After he left the group, he posted a letter on Instagram to say, "First of all, to my INFINITE members... Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Myungsoo (L), and Sungjong. I want to tell them I'm sorry and thank you once again through this letter." He signed up with Glorious Entertainment in September.

"My agency is good to me. It's actually an agency that didn't have practice rooms. I didn't have any expectations because this is an agency that houses actors, but it prepared a good practice room for me. It's the biggest practice room I've ever been to. I'm dancing happily right now," he said back then.

On "Radio Star," he also discussed his rumored vow for premarital chastity.

"I've never announced or officially vowed to it. I was on a radio once and asked, 'I heard you like writing provocative lyrics. Is this coming from your experience? Do you have a lot of experience?' I answered no, and explained it's all from my imagination. We were joking back and forth about it and it built up, and the articles ended up going out like that," he clarified.

But when emcee Kim Gura asked if he has no intention of pursuing premarital chastity, he said, "Well, there is no line nowadays. Rather than premarital chastity, I'm more towards a post-marital relationship."