Are we facing another mass extinction event?

In the last 500 million years there have been five mass extinction events wiping, over 90% of all species that have ever lived on earth has gone extinct. Now, according to some reports the impact of the human race has increased extinction rates and threatens to cause another mass extinction event. So are we really facing another mass extinction event? 3 days ago

Greenpeace launch anti-Coca-Cola ad to highlight plastic pollution

As Coca Cola launch their new Holidays are coming Christmas TV advertisement, some of the brands fans have been viewing a version thats a little more realistic. In an attempt to take advantage of Cokes huge PR push at this time of year, Greenpeace produced their own Coke Christmas ad highlighting an unfortunate side effect of bottled fizzy drinks. 6 days ago

Women power: How a forest was saved from timber mafia

Armed with just water bottles and sticks, a group of poor tribal women in Muturkham village of Purbi Singhbhum district of Jharkhand trekked miles to the sal forest that surrounded their habitat. Their mission: To save the forest from being plundered and denuded by the "forest mafia". 9 days ago

Floating trash island spotted in Caribbean Sea

A floating island of trash has been discovered in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras. The island is made up from plastic waste. Divers spotted the trash when they were searching for an underwater island that was still unspoiled by humans, but the trash was covering the site. 16 days ago

At least 54 killed as worst floods in years batter Vietnam

At least 54 people died and 39 went missing after destructive floods battered northern and central Vietnam this week, the countrys disaster prevention agency said on Friday (13 October). More than 300 homes have collapsed in floods and landslides, while more than 34,000 other houses have been submerged or damaged. Oct 13, 2017

Drone footage shows fire decimated Santa Rosa

Firefighters, facing resurgent winds and bone-dry conditions on 11 October, battled to halt the advance of wildfires that have killed at least 21 people, destroyed 3,500 homes and businesses and blanketed Northern California and amp;#39;s famed wine country in smoke. Oct 12, 2017