At least two dead after 6.7 magnitude earthquake hits tourist hotspots in Greece and Turkey

The US Geological Survey said at around 1.30am local time on Friday morning (21 July) a magnitude 6.7 quake struck 10km south of the Turkish city of Bodrum and 16km north-east of Kos, Greece, areas popular with British tourists. The European quake agency EMSC reported the prospect of a small tsunami. However, this was downplayed by Turkish officials who said large waves, rather than a tsunami, were expected. 1 day ago

Two airlifted to safety as cascading floods hit Coverack in Cornwall after thunderstorm

Flash flooding sent water rushing through the streets after severe thunderstorms hit the Cornish village of Coverack on Tuesday, July 18.An elderly couple was rescued from the roof of a house. According to the Mullion Fire Station, firefighters from Mullion and Cornwall Fire and Rescue worked together with the coastguard to airlift the couple from the roof of their home, after they had become trapped by the floods. 3 days ago

Humans to blame for biological annihilation of wildlife and sixth mass extinction in Earths history

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has concluded that 30% of the 27,600 terrestrial vertebrate species evaluated are losing populations. According to Gerardo Ceballos, study co-author and Ecology professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, if this trend continues, at the end of the century 70% of these species would be lost. 3 days ago

Fires near Cape Town force evacuations

Fires in the countryside east of Cape Town forced evacuations, including in the popular resort town of Knysna, on June 7, local media reported. Video posted to a social media website showed a building in Knysna burning while flames engulfed the hillsides around the town. Jun 8, 2017

French President Macron: Make our planet great again

French President Emmanuel Macron categorically ruled out any renegotiation of the Paris climate accords on June 1 and said US President Donald Trumps decision to withdraw would harm American interests and citizens. During a televised address, the recently elected president echoed Trumps election slogan to convey his message, saying Wherever we live, whoever we are, we all share the same responsibility: Make our planet great again. Jun 2, 2017

Police officer plays divine game of football with Irish nun

Garda OConnell of the Henry St Community Policing Unit in Limerick city was spotted in a tense standoff with a member of the Dominican Sisters in Limerick during the Our Lady of Limerick Triduum and Festival. A video of the game was shared to Facebook by the Garda Siochanas Southern Region page on 31 May.  Jun 2, 2017

Dolphins are intelligent enough to operate touchscreens

The eight-foot screen was created complete with dolphin friendly apps and keyboard so the animals in the aquarium could interact with it. With the device, researchers have developed a range of studies to better understand dolphin vocal learning, their capacity for symbolic communication and how their behaviour changes when they are able to use the computer to make requests—for specific videos, images and interactive games etc. Jun 2, 2017