Philippine troops kill 4 Abu Sayyaf militants in Bohol
Philippine troops Reuters

The government of Canada officially made an announcement, during the ASEAN ministers' meeting in Manila, that its government is willing to join ASEAN nations in their bid to suppress terror in the region.

Canada Foreign Minister Alexandra Freeland said before ASEAN ministers that there is a need to stand in solidarity in fighting ISIS. She also extended Canada's deepest condolences to the families of those killed in the Marawi battle that ongoing since May 2017.

"There is a horror than none of us are immune to so there's a need to stand in solidarity fighting (the ISIS,)" Freeland added.

Freeland addressing more than 1,000 ASEAN delegates in Manila said that Canada has close human connections with Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. Canadian media earlier reported that Tagalog, the Filipino language is now the fastest growing foreign language in Canada.

Filipinos are also among the fastest growing number of immigrants in Canada and by 2025, the Filipino population is expected to hit the 1 million mark according to an online magazine called New Canadian Media.

As a founding member of Global Terrorism Task Force, the Canada foreign minister also said that her government is willing to help ASEAN nations in resolving their regional security issues, which is often compromised by violent extremism.

Meanwhile, Marawi battle is entering its third month and by now at least 513 terrorists and 116 Philippine soldiers have already been killed. Moreover, 45 civilians have also lost their lives in the battle zone and evacuation centers.

According to the Philippine military, there are less than a hundred armed terrorists left in two villages in Marawi City and the military is nearing the nerve center of the rebels' positions.