BTS on the 'Ellen'
BTS on the 'Ellen' show screen capture from Ellen Tube on YouTube

Korean boy band BTS performed on the US TV talk show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and talked about their fans and dating.

Calling BTS "the most famous K-pop boy band in the world," DeGeneres introduced the group as they sang "MIC Drop" remix for the first time.

BTS taped the segment and guesting on November 21 just two days after they performed "DNA" at the American Music Awards (AMAs).

During the interview, RM revealed that he "taught myself English."

When asked by Ellen how, he said, "Actually my English teacher was a sitcom, 'Friends.' I think, you know, back in the days, when I was like 15, like 14, it was quite like a syndrome for all the Korean parents to make their kids watch 'Friends.'"

"I thought I was like a victim at the time. But now I'm the lucky one. So like, thanks to my mother, she bought all the seasons for the DVDs. I got 10 DVDs," RM added.

He explained that in order to learn English, he watched "Friends" episodes with Korean subtitles first before watching it without any.

"And so firstly, I watched with the Korean subtitle. And then, next time, I watched with the English subtitle. And then, I just removed it," he said.

Ellen told BTS that they write songs and talk about personal issues like mental health, saying "And that's important to you, right?"

"I think we have created in English. We have different languages, you have different languages. But I think we all share in the same message. I think that's why our songs appeal to people who speak Korean and to people who don't speak Korean," explained Suga.

Ellen noted BTS' popularity when they arrived at Los Angeles Airport.

"It's like when they got to LAX, it was like the Beatles were here. I mean, your fans, it's really incredible," she said.

She then asked BTS if they have ever dated any fan and RM said, "We are doing it right now" while V said, "Not. No."