BlueSG is all set for the December 12 launch of its electric car-sharing service in Singapore. The company has already revealed the details of how this new scheme works, including the rates.

In case if you have no idea how BlueSG works and the perfect BlueSG plans for you, IBTimes Singapore helps you easily understand the two plans offered by the first electric car-sharing service in the city-state.

BlueSG plan 1

A monthly subscription that costs S$15 will charge you 33 cents per minute. This premium plan is available for a year's subscription which can be the most suitable choice for frequent travellers.

An hour of travel time, regardless of distance, will only set you back S$19.8, while a 30-minute ride will only cost S$9.90. Just to be clear, this is on top of the S$15 monthly fee.

BlueSG plan 2

Unlike the first plan, the second plan does not require you to pay a fixed monthly fee. Thus, the charge for every ride costs more than the first plan. In this plan, BlueSG will charge you 50 cents per minute for a week's subscription, perfect for those who frequently use their own service cars or those who have other modes of transportation as their primary choice.

An hour of travel time, regardless of distance, will cost you S$30, while a 30-minute ride will cost you S$15.

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Both premium yearly and weekly plans have a minimum duration of 15 minutes per ride. If you rent a BlueSG car in 15 minutes or under, this means you will pay a minimum of S$4.95 if you are a premium subscriber and S$8.25 if you are a weekly subscriber.

Riders will be able to access 1,000 BlueSG electric cars in more than 30 locations starting December 12. The service is available 24/7 across Singapore.

Go to the BlueSG website to sign up and register. The first 1,000 to confirm their subscription by December 11 will be treated with special incentives from BlueSG.