Park Jimin and Baek Yerin debuted as two band members of JYP Entertainment's 15& in 2012 Facebook/15&

South Korean singer-songwriter Baek Yerin has expressed her unhappiness with her label. In an Instagram post, the 20-year-old singer admitted that she is being discouraged by her management agency, JYP Entertainment.

The member of band 15& wrote: "I have a lot of good songs I've written. I want to release an albummmm. So many people are waiting for me! But the adults here are so funny and scary. *Vomit*"

As the post went viral, Yerin revealed she would be deleting her Instagram account for sometime. She wrote: "I am going to delete my Instagram account for the time being! I'm sorry to my fans. I know I shouldn't read netizen comments but I looked hehe. There was so much false information. A lot of things happened but when I disappointed my fans by becoming too close with one of my unni fans, I reflected deeply upon my actions and posted a letter of apology after rewriting it over and over again so that those fans I had hurt would not be hurt again. I am still sorry about that incident to this day."

"Now, the 'controversies' that netizens talks about are a result of people purposely looking upon my actions in a negative light or a result of posts written to spread malicious rumors. I believe that these rumors cannot be made true just because people say, 'She did that,' or, 'She's involved in a lot of controversies,'" she added.

She also utilized the opportunity to address reports about her and her 15& partner Jimin. She stated: "I did not say those things [that people say I did] about Jimin, I have not expressed my personal opinion about music for 15&, and I do not engage with Jimin and other people just for my own personal gain. I don't understand why people have to hurt me, who they think of as trivial and as having a bad personality, with their hate when they could easily just ignore me; however, I have clearly apologized for everything that I actually have to apologize for and am still deeply apologetic to the fans I have caused grief because of my actions."

"There are times when I can't sleep at night because of the malicious rumors about me; however, I am thankful to the fans that like my music, that are waiting for me, and care about me. As someone who loves singing more than anyone else, rather than singing alone, I would like to become a source of strength [to those who listen to my music]. Ridiculous comments seem to hurt my fans more than they hurt me. I'm sorry! Also, I will not apologize for things that I have not done. Thank you!" she concluded.