Moon Building
YouTube video Screenshot: Streetcap1

'Streetcap1', a YouTube channel posted a video recently which allegedly shows the images of artificial structures on the lunar images released by NASA. The YouTube channel is reportedly run by a Scottish UFO researcher, and in this video, he has asked anyone to debunk the evidence which he has put forward to prove there are buildings on the surface of the moon. Within a week, the video has fetched more than 60,000 views on YouTube.

Stellar claims from Streetcap1

In the video, Streetcap1 says that humans or aliens have already occupied the moon, and are running a civilization there.

"I could be wrong but it shows right angles and evidence of intelligent design. I do think there are people on the moon or have been in the past. I have found loads of evidence of mining works with trails and machines digging on the lunar surface," he told Express UK.

On the other hand, experts who have been studying on weird structures on Mars and Moon are not convinced with the picture of Streetcap1. According to these experts, the structures are nothing but rocks on the Moon's surface, and it has nothing to do with alien technology. These experts believe that there are many more rocks like this on the lunar surface, and their weird nature is due to the reflection of sunlight.

Mysteries of an alien civilization on the Moon abound

This is not the first time that conspiracy theorists are claiming the existence of aliens on the Moon. A couple of days ago, renowned UFO researcher Scott C Earing sensationally said that aliens have created the moon to keep a constant eye on our activities. He also claimed that the inner part of the moon is comparatively less when compared to the outer part, and aliens are living in this inner region.