iPhone 7 leaked components
iPhone 7 leaked screenshot depicts dual SIM card tray Weibo

Alleged iPhone 7 leaked parts have surfaced online via Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo as a smartphone repair shop called 'Rock Fix' in Ganzhou has posted some intriguing screenshots depicting the internal components of Apple's next-gen flagship smartphone.

The leaked component photos of an alleged iPhone 7 reveal two screen sizes of 4.7in and 5.5in, a headphone jack, dual SIM card tray, dual lens camera and 256GB of SanDisk memory chips. Although the images are seemingly sketchy at best, the iPhone 7 features revealed in the leak are consistent with those mentioned in the earlier leaks.

The presence of dual SIM capability on the rumoured iPhone 7 suggests that Apple is slowly stepping its foot into the yet unexplored territory of feature phones market in its bid to recover from the declining sales revenues in China and India.

The advantages with the phone's dual SIM capability are obvious wherein you could dynamically switch between two SIM cards for office and personal contacts without having to swap the cards manually. Frequent cross-country travellers can enjoy the benefit of using two different SIMs from different mobile-phone operators without having to pay for roaming charges.

In addition to the leaked component features, folks at Engadget have confirmed with the shop keeper that the iPhone 7 will incorporate some notable changes to its antenna design wherein there is a possibility of making a switch to Intel's modem for the GSM models.