Park Han Byul
Park Han Byul Instagram

Korean actress Park Han Byul, who is currently starring in the TV series "Borg Mom," has revealed that she is four months pregnant.

In an Instagram post, the 33-year-old star opened up about her pregnancy after finishing the filming for the TV series.

"We wrapped up filming for 'Borg Mom' yesterday. It was really fun taking on such a unique role and I was grateful for the opportunity to play my character. I've kept a secret from the other actors and staff members in order to avoid causing any inconvenience, but now that we've finished filming and the drama will be coming to an end soon, I can finally reveal it," she wrote.

Park Han Byul said that "I took on the role of a mother for the very first time (even though she was technically a robot), and fascinatingly enough, my character came to real life! I am currently four months pregnant!"

She explained that she and the baby's father registered their marriage "but we're hoping to hold a simple and quiet wedding next year with our close family."

Her husband is a non-celebrity and she was previously in a relationship with singer Se7en and actor Jung Eun-woo.

"I was initially a bit worried about my pregnancy overlapping with the filming of the drama, but thankfully, my baby and I got through everything in a healthy state. Now that I've announced the news, I think the only things left for me now are being happy and receiving blessings from many people. I thank God everyday for giving me such a precious gift," she said.

She promised to "live a good life by giving and receiving love. I'm sure many people are surprised by this sudden announcement, but I hope you will give us your blessings."

Park Han Byul said she will continue her acting career following her having her own family.

"I've now become a mother and wife, but I will definitely be continuing my career as an actress! Please give me lots of support! Thank you," she said.