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The Korean TV drama "Confession Couple" ended its run on November 18 but its lead actress, Jang Nara, said she's still remembering her character.

In the time-travel drama, Jang Nara played Ma Jin Joo, who is married to Choi Ban Do, played by actor Son Ho-jun. The couple is on the brink of getting a divorce and they travel back in time when they were university students.

"At home, I cried a lot, thinking about the drama and drinking beer, even though I am a poor drinker," Jang Nara told Yonhap News. "I've never experienced this kind of feelings before. But with this drama, I can't just stop thinking about it. I feel as if the characters were real and were living in a different world somewhere."

When asked about marriage in real life, the actress explained that "it is not like I don't want to marry. It is just out of my control. If I am destined to marry, I will. If not, what can I do about it?" she said.

She added that if she could meet someone like the character Choi Ban-do, "or someone who is only half as nice as he is, I would do everything to marry him."

Jang Nara praised her co-star, saying. "I am grateful that he did amazing in the drama."

She is 36 years old but she's able to play younger roles, thanks to her youthful looks.

"I think I can look young because the colleagues on the set who are younger than me treated me as their friend, wife and first love. To be honest, Ho-jun has much smoother skin than I do," she added.

She said she was happy to essay the role, explaining, "People at my age can relate to her and her story. It was a great decision to be part of the drama."