Singapore: Changi Airport wins 'World's Best Airport' award for 5th year in a row
Passengers walk in Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 3. Reuters

Singapore police arrested a man on Jul 2 for misusing his boarding pass at the transit area of Changi Airport, the authorities said on Friday. According to the police, 59 people have been arrested for misusing their boarding passes since June 2017.

The police said in a Facebook post that the 28-year-old had bought a flight ticket to see his friend off. However, he had no intention of leaving Singapore himself.

The police warned the public that those, who will be entering transit areas with a boarding pass, "should only be there for the purpose of travelling to their next destinations". The transit areas are gazetted as protected places.

They also added that those who misuse their boarding pass to enter these areas may be fined S$1,000, jailed two years or both.

Two teenage students were arrested in April for buying plane tickets to meet Korean hip-hop star Simon Dominic in the transit area. In February, the police arrested a man for using his boarding pass to see his relatives off in the transit area. While, in another incident, the man used his pass to make a fraudulent goods and services tax claim there.

Last September, two people were arrested for using their boarding passes to enter the transit area to buy the iPhone 7, shortly after the device was launched.