Bangladesh ferry accident kills two women, 35 still missing
Reuters (Representational Image)

A tragic incident of shipwreck has left 27 dead and 54 others missing on the Kasai River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The administrator of the territory, Jacques Mbila, said that overloading and highly inebriated conditions of drivers were the reasons for the mishap. "I confirm that we have 27 dead bodies. The sinking occurred in front of Idiofa," said the officer, as reported by IANS.

It was also reported that the whaling ship was sailing from Dibaya territory towards its final destination -- Ilebo when the accident happened near the bend of the Kasai River. Most of the victims were students enjoying their holidays.

Congo's waterways are notoriously known for capsizing accidents mainly due to lack of safety measures, overloading and inexperienced drivers.

The Kasai, which is the second longest river after Congo, is one of the busiest waterway in the DR Congo and often used for transporting cargoes from the Congo River to Djokupunda.